1975 Matador Coupe Registry List

UPDATED June 2005 - 1975 registries to date

Bryan says, "Bought from origional owner in 1976 in Santa Rosa CA. Car is completely original with some rust below the rear left quarter and trunk, also some in front floors." It's for sale, best offer. -->
Zealand Thigpen
Tulsa OK
360 4bbl, 3 spd auto
non-posi rear
Oleg Cassini
G7 Alpine White, Cassini interior, copper vinyl top
101, 813 miles
A5A167P VIN, Trim: 551N, Body: M039759, Model: 7516-7, Production: W042313 PS, PB, AC, 3 spoke sport wheel, rolldown quarter windows, Body Protection group, forged aluminum wheels, AM/FM/8track, Cassini individual reclining seats
Zealand purchased this from the original owner, says it's nearly all original, rates it a 9 out of 10.

360 2bbl
non-posi rear
Matador X
Black with gold stripe/black
189k miles
A5C167N VIN PS, PB, AC, tilt, 3 spoke steering wheel, rear sway bar, rolldown quarter windows, console, rear defogger fan, color keyed slot style wheel, Visibility group, Light group, vinyl buckets, dual exhaust, Mallory distributor
Mike says, "The car had been sitting for ten years before I got ahold of it. There is quite a bit of rust but it is all repairable. It is a work in progress. Updates will be on www.amcforums.com - my id is Green 71 Hornet"

David Worth
Wales, MA
258 6 cyl, column shift auto
non-posi rear
Base trim
Fawn beige
99K miles
A5A167A VIN, 556E trim, E6 paint, 005869 body, 7516-7 model, 005706 production PS, AC, roll-down quarter windows, AMC hubcaps, AM
David says, "Driven daily, has the usual dents and scratches with a little rust; runs very well, have driven it for the past 3 years with no trouble." NOW FOR SALE - $1000 obo

Bob Byrnes
Casper WY
304 2bbl, column shift auto
non-posi rear
standard trim
Blue, white vinyl top, blue interior
48,700 miles
A5A167H141177 VIN; 553Q trim; H1 paint; MO16573 body; 7516-7 model; W017628 production PS, PB, AC, rolldown quarter windows, AMC hubcaps, AM, vinyl buckets
Bob purchased the car locally from the original owner with the intentions of restoring it, but is now unable to do so. He says the paint is oxidized, vinyl top is bad, the car sat for several years under some trees. Body is in good shape-two spots of rust, interior in good shape. $1100 OBO

Pam Moore
Columbus, OH
304, column shift auto
Oleg Cassini
Black/Black and copper interior, vinyl top
56K miles
no code info sent PS, PB, AC, 3 spoke steering wheel, rolldown quarter windows, rear defogger fan, Cassini hubcaps, AM/FM
Pam bought the car from a friend of her uncle who was the original owner. She says, "The car is in great shape, I just don't have the time to enjoy her. I hate to see a greet machine just sit and not be driven." $5000 OBO.

304 2bbl, column shift auto
White, brown interior
44K miles
A5A167H201523 VIN; 556E trim; J8 paint; M035477 body; 7516-7 model PS, AC, rolldown quarter windows, AM, split bench, chrome moon wheels 235/60 non factory, have original wheels and hubcaps
Charles says, "Car looks good and runs smooth, paint is 1 year old. I'm the second owner (have original title from first owner), replaced carb, waterpump,control module, fuelpump,exhaust,front shocks,starter. I was told that the mileage is original but have no proof. The car runs smooth and is very tight and rust free. The A/C clicks on but does not blow cold." It's for sale, $3000 OBO. -SOLD-

Carlton Cauthorne
alternate email
Ashland VA
804-798-3654, 804-798-6422
360 V8
Twin Grip
Oleg Cassini
Black/copper stripe, Cassini interior
116K miles
no code info sent PS, PB, AC, front/rear sway, rolldown quarter windows, color keyed slot style wheels, AM/FM
Carlton says, "Runs well, very solid-undercoat saved it. Needs rear bumper, windshield, minor stuff-this is one of 1817 produced. We got BOBBY ALLISON to sign the TRUNK lid. Beautiful dash-no cracks, new master cylinder, 12 bolt posi!!!" $2700 OBO.

Seth Gardner
West Richland WA
304 2bbl, floor shift auto
Matador X
Yellow, tan interior
82,755 miles
A5C167H148429 VIN; 556Q trim; F9 paint; M016445 body; 7516-7 model; W017384 production PS, PB, AC, rolldown quarter windows; cloth buckets, styled road wheels
Seth says, "Currently has a 390 4 barrel intake on it. This car is 90% straight no rust or cancer. The back glass is broken out as well as the pasenger side qurter window. (stupid kids with rocks). No front bumper. Head liner is good. Rear seat good both front buckets a little torn. The console and under side of dash are out but in good shape and all there. Would make a great parts car or project car. I think the hall efect ignition is dead, so she doesn't run, she also needs a carb. Newer canary yellow paint about 3 years old. Looks alright but kind of a cheapo paind job (macco)." $500 OBO.

Joseph Carey
304 2bbl, column shift auto
non-posi rear
Currently red/white/blue with black interior
33,651 miles
A5A167H VIN, 551F trim, F9 paint, MO 55353 body, 7516-7 model, WC 58035 production PS, PB, AC, rolldown quarter windows, rear defroster, rear defogger fan, Visibility group, AM
Jospeh says, "The car interior looks as if it was never sat in. 2 year restoration/conversion from original to a Bobby Allison NASCAR stocker clone. Headers, Comp cam, Performer intake, Holley 600 chrome, 73 AMX hood insert (cowl induction) and rear spoiler, ram air X4 reverse position grille (Talladega), chin spoiler, inset headlights (1 foot), hood set back 10 inches, fender fronts modified and narrowed, bumpers chopped and sectioned to car, many other alterations."

Morgan Kovarik
Humboldt, NE
360 2bbl, column shift auto
Oleg Cassini
Copper/Black and copper interior
126K miles
A5A167N205950 VIN; 551N trim; F9 paint; MO39925 body; 7516-7 model; 205950 production PS, PB, AC, 3 spoke steering wheel, rear sway bar, roll-down quarter windows, Visibility group, Light group, Body Protection group, styled road wheels
Morgan says, "Very good condition not perfect but not a basket case; 1 dent on drivrs side behind door. I have about 25-30 pics of the car." It's for sale, $1000 OBO.

Syracuse, NY
Originally a 6 cylinder car
Twin Grip rear
Yellow/black paint, black interior
60K miles
no code info Originally tan interior, now black racing seats and black carpet; has Chevy V8; PS, PB, rolldown quarter windows, rear sway bar.
Rob says, "Super nice body. I saw this car and wasn't crazy about it but realized no one wanted it and I felt bad because it was so clean and solid I just had to have it. Yellow with center hood bulge in satin black...dont think it is stock but it does look pretty cool. I've been told by a few people this was the car to beat back in the day it was the local hero...377 small block Chevy tunnel ram and nitrous...soon to be AMC powered and nitrous with 4:11 gears should get some respect even for a heavy car. I have plans to put in STOUT AMC motor have a buddy that has 10 second AMX street car and he's agreed to give me a hand."

Brian Pratt
Watkins Glen, NY
304 2bbl, column shift auto
Base trim
Medium green, green interior
A5A167H VIN PS, PB, rolldown quarter windows, AM, cloth bench seats
Brian says, "Just purchased Winter 2002, barely running; due for immediate engine swap to 1983 Jeep 360 4bbl; will be driven Summer 2002; eventually to be street/strip and ultimately strip only; current weight 3564, target weight 3200 lbs.; body, though not rust free, is exceptionally good for a Northeast car." He bought it from an individual who had it for 10 years but never drove it.

Jack Morton
972-385-9217 afternoon/evening
Dallas, Texas
304 2bbl, console shift auto
Matador X
Red/white stripe, tan interior
102K miles
A5C167H VIN; 5560 trim; D7 paint; M067489 body; 7516-7 model; MO70040 production OPTIONS
Jack bought it new near Dallas, TX. He says, "Original - No dents - no accidents. I bought it new and have kept it in good condition. Looks good, runs good and is good." It's for sale, $3100 OBO.

Joe Ellis 258 6 cyl, column shift auto
Base trim
Medium metallic blue, blue interior
38,763 actual miles
A5A167A VIN PS, PB, rolldown quarter windows, AM, vinyl seats
Joe says, "A low-mile car with excellent drivetrain. Driven in Michigan, body not so good, but under restoration."

Paul Wiening
Port Washington, WI
360 2bbl, console shift auto
standard diff.
Matador X
Black with gold X stripe, black vinyl interior
46K miles
A5C167N VIN; 5510 trim; P1 paint; 001598 body; 751.6-7 model; 001473 production PS, PB, AC, 3 spoke sport wheel, rolldown quarter windows, Visibility group, silver slot style wheels, AM/FM/8T, vinyl buckets
Paul says, "Bought this car from the husband of a lady I work with. He was second owner for about 8 years. I bought it on 1/1/02."

Alberta, Canada
360 4bbl/column shift auto
standard differential
Burnt orange, vinyl top, brown interior
111K miles
A5A167P VIN; 556-L trim; G6 paint; M054811 body; 7516-7 model; W057393 production PS, PB, AC, cruise, tilt, rear sway, rolldown quarter windows, heated rear glass, forged aluminum wheels, AM, individual reclining vinyl seats
Steve says, "The car is in very good shape. I just had it appraised for $6000.00. It was restored about 10 years ago. It needs some body door glass seals to finish off." He has added headers, Dynomax dual exhaust, performance cam, highrise manifold and a 780 cfm Holley carb.

Columbia, MO
304 2bbl, console shift
standard diff.
two tone white on red (orange?); white seats, black interior
125K miles
no code info sent PS, PB, AC, front/rear sway bars, rolldonw quarter windows, silver slot style wheels, AM/CB, vinyl buckets
Jason says, "Just purchased, trying to restore. Any information would be appreciated!"

Tom Seehof
Nipomo, CA
805-929-2399 after 6 PST
360 2bbl/column shift auto
standard diff.
Brougham trim
Silver Frost Blue/Blue interior
42,648 miles
A5A167N187307 VIN; M031005 body; 7516-7 model; 553L trim; H9 paint; W033732 production PS, AC, tilt, front sway, rolldown rear windows, bumper strips, AM/FM/8track, individual reclining vinyl seats
Tom says, "This car runs and drives beautiful bumpers have been removed (have originals)lowered in front only 1 coil nascar rims low pro tires dual ex. custom rear bumper body has not been altered all trim is xlnt. comes with factory ralley rims with new tires." It's for sale, $3250 OBO.

Corey Mitchell
Woodinville, WA
360 2 bbl, console shift automatic
standard differential
Mataor X
Red, black interior
62K miles
A5C167N VIN; MO17851 body; 7516-7 model; 5510 trim; D7 paint; W019036 production PS, PB, tilt, front/rear sway bar, console, rolldown quarter windows, bumper strips, silver slot style wheels, AM/FM/8 track, full vinyl top
Corey says, "I heard that somebody had a car that they wanted to get rid of possibly for free, so I went and looked and I found it. The guy just wanted it gone so I put some gas down the carb and in the tank, jump started it because it sat for 5+ years, and now its mine, and no I'm NOT selling it."

originally 304 2bbl, column shift auto
standard diff.
White exterior, grey interior
52,600 actual miles
A5A167H VIN PS, PB, AC, front sway, forged aluminum wheels, AM/FM, rolldown quarter windows, cloth bucket seats, Chevy LT1/700R4 engine/tranny swap
Richard inherited it from his Mother. He says, "It was so ugly that customizing was the only way to go. Lowered 2 in, custom front, bumpers removed." He tried to smooth out the whole hood, but ruined one of the two he had in the process, so ended up just modifying the front section of the hood.

Dylan Seals
304 2 bbl, column shift auto
standard diff.
standard trim
Aztec red paint, white vinyl top
87K miles
A5A167H VIN PS, PB, AC, AM, full vinyl top, standard wheels w/AMC hubcaps, AM radio, black cloth interior
Dylan bought the car after seeing it from the road. He says: "Looks 95% Brand New. Can't beleive that he sold me the car for $1350. Only three small rust wholes on passenger side next to the trunk, and a tear in the drivers side seat thats It! The rest of the car is perfection - looks like it roled off the line last week!"

Johnny Reid
Mt. Clemens, MI
360 4bbl
Twin Grip
Matador X
Copper with white X stripe, black interior, white seats
50K miles
no other code info yet; originally a 360 2 bbl car
PS, PB, AC (removed, but complete), radio delete, dual exhaust with Flowmasters, rear window defrost, Edelbrock Performer Intake, rally wheels
Johnny bought this car at an estate sale, and after a little work, drove it from Council Bluffs to Michigan with no problems. Before he left town, I got a chance to see and drive this car. Really cool interior - the black trim, dash and carpet against the white seats is very 70's and looks great! Extras he has in store for the car are headers and a '70 AMX hood scoop. He has replaced the shocks and rear springs, and says it is still running strong.

Jerry Casper
Woodbridge, VA
304 2 bbl, 3 spd auto column shift
base trim
Black, no vinyl roof
A5A167H VIN standard wheels with AMC hubcaps
Jerry says, "This car was running, but smoked some. I intend to paint it red/white/blue and number it like Dave Marcis Matador #12. One day. It's no jewel, but it could be a nice car. But it's in line behind several other of my AMC Gremlin and '55-57 Chevy projects, so not sure when it will get started."

Keleigh Hardie
Tarzana, CA
360 4bbl, column shift auto
Oleg Cassini trim
Black ext., black interior, vinyl top
97,600 miles
A5A167P V.I.N., M014575 body code, 7516-7 model code, 551N trim code, P1 paint code PS, PB, AC, tilt, cruise, front/rear sway, rolldown quarter windows, heated rear window, bumper strips, AM/FM/8T, sport steering wheel, tinted glass, cloth reclining seats
Keleigh purchased the car in Reno, NV. He says, "As of this writing (12/00) I just bought the car, and it is in remarkable decent shape for a 25 year old car. I'm going to fix it up for a cruiser and sometimes driver. I've already replaced the mufflers, and I'm going to take care of various oil leaks and suspension problems next. I need various interior trim from a Cassini or other black interior car, Cassini seat fabric, and copper vinyl top fabric, and would like to find the Cassini headlite doors and grille (both have been painted over on my car) and maybe the original Cassini wheel covers as well. If you know of sources for any of these, please e-mail me."

Anthony Stagg
Geneva, OH
258 6 cyl., 3 spd column shift
Blue, white vinyl top, blue interior
30,080 miles
A code 258 1bbl, A code 3 spd column shift
Full vinyl top
PS, PB (disc front), AM, standard wheels with AMC hubcaps, rolldown quarter windows, front sway bar, bumper srips, individual reclining cloth seats
Anthony says, "This is an original, unrestored car. The body is good, needs some body work, paint looks OK right now, but I am picky."

Cameron Cribbs
304 2bbl, 3 spd column shift
Red/White exterior
80K miles
H code 304 2bbl, A code 3 spd column shift
Black/grey clothinterior, full vinyl top
PS, PB (disc front), AC, AM, standard wheels with AMC hubcaps
Cameron says: "My Matador is named 'Thomas', that's TM for short. I bought this car 1 year ago and love it."

Jason Nelson
258 inline 6 cyl., 904
Twin Grip diff.
Original paint, Oleg Cassini trim
71,000 actual miles
A code 258 6 cyl., A code 3 spd column shift
black fabric, ind. reclining seats, orange carpet
PS, disc front brakes, AC, rolldown quarter windows, front/rear sway bars, AM, Oleg Cassini hubcaps, bumper strips
Jason bought this car at auction. He says "The body is straight, no dents. The carpet needs to be replaced. It still has the original paint. It has one small rip in the side of the driver's seat."

John Black
Salina, KS
304 2bbl, 904
Standard diff.
Original paint, full vinyl top, Brougham
47,589 actual miles
H code 304 2 bbl, A code 3 spd column shift
551J trim code, black fabric ind. reclining seats
H-9 (Silver dawn iridescent) paint code
PS, PB (disc front), AC, tilt, rolldown quarter windows, heated rear window, AM/FM, tinted glass, light group, locking gas cap, undercoating, HR78X14 WSW radial tires
John says, "I had been talking to the car's owner about buying it for nearly 15 years. She (the widow of the original buyer) told me that she would give me a call when she decided to give up driving, which she did in 1998. The car is in excellent unrestored shape. It was kept in a garage and serviced regularly whether it was driven or not."

Wes Carson
Salem, MO
573/729-8679 after 6 Central
360 2 barrel, 727
standard diff.
Oleg Cassini
Black/black full vinyl top, black int.
96,163 actual miles
N code 360-2 barrel, A code column shift
P1 Black paint code, 551N black individual reclining fabric seats trim code
PS, PB (disc front), AC, tilt, cruise, front/rear sway, roll-down quarter windows, heated rear window, bumper strips, color keyed slot wheels, AM/FM/8 track
Wes bought the car in Independence, MO, and says the car looks good, runs OK, but needs some brake and carb work. It is for sale, he's asking $2,200.

Dave Moore
Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
360 4bbl, 727
Twin Grip diff.
Currently in two tone primer
88K actual miles
360 2 bbl, 3 spd floor shift, originally a standard differential
No paint or trim code supplied
PS, PB (disc front), AC, front/rear sway bars, individual vinyl reclining seats, cruise, full vinyl top, rolldown rear windows, slot style wheels
The car was purchased in St. Catharines Ontario. Dave says "The paint under the paint under the paint was red on top with a black pinstripe down low and was a nice (puke) lime green color below the pinstripe, and the rear brake drums are the same green color. The car has Hedman headers, Holley 4 bbl carb, Edelbrock timing chain and gears (double roller), a mild cam and a mild port job on the heads. It is currently undergoing complete restoration and should be done for summer 2000 - it is about 75% finished."
Check http://members.nbci.com/ffachellfire/matador.html for pictures of the restoration process.

Petri Nojd
Karhula, Finland
360 4bbl, 727
Standard diff.
556Q trim code
Copper metallic ext. (repaint), brown vinyl int.
86,400 actual miles (146,000 km)
360 4 bbl, 3 spd floor shift
F9 (Copper iridescent) paint code
PS, PB, AC, front/rear sway bars, buckets, cruise, vinyl top, rolldown rear windows
Petri says "The car was bought in Joensuu, Finland. There are not many Matador Coupes here in Finland. I know of only 3 or 4 others. I bought this Oct. 10, 1999. It's in good condition, only the original steering wheel is missing. It feels good to own this kind of car."

Fred Aherns
North Branch, MN
304 2bbl, 904
standard diff.
Autumn red/Black vinyl top, black knit interior, ind. reclining seats
13,500 actual miles
H code 304 2bbl
A code 3 spd column
Original paint/vinyl top
PS, PB, AC, Front/rear sway bars, Vinyl top, leather sport steering wheel
It still has the original radial tires. Fred says "Still has new car smell. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Showroom new. I still can't believe it when I look in it. Oh yeah, it also has the odd single rear speaker option with AM radio (one of the speaker grilles is empty) and all the sun visor sleeves with warranty and starting instructions." It was recently repainted and has new Magnum 500 style wheels.

Ingemar Eriksson
Sveg, Sweden
360 4bbl, 727
standard diff.
Matador X
Blue/lt. blue interior
? Mileage
P code 360 4bbl
C code 3 spd floor shift
Original paint/no vinyl top
PS, PB, front sway bars, bucket seats, roll-down rear windows
Ingemar is my first International Coupe registrant. Purchased in Sweden, his car is currently being restored. Visit his site at http://hem.passagen.se/ghoost

Rebecca Mihm
Reno, NV
All original drivetrain
Standard diff.
Base model trim
Yellow/White ext., brown cloth interior
94024 actual miles
A code 258 1 bbl, A code 3 spd column shiftPS, AC, roll-down rear windows, Tilt
Rebecca says, "By the time I stopped at the used car lot to ask 'What is it?' I knew I would own this 75 Matador. Best $1200 investment I ever made! Restored to original condition (interior, paint scheme, replacement parts). Because of reliability and styling, I will never buy non-AMC cars again. Long live AMC!" Well put, Rebecca.

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