1978 Matador Coupe Registry List

UPDATED June 2005 - 1978 registries to date

Montgomery Creek, CA
360 2bbl, column shift auto
Twin Grip rear
6D/7M sand tan/golden ginger, tan interior, half vinyl roof
171k miles
A8A167N342180 VIN, Trim: 856N, Paint: 6D-MB, Body: MOO4492, Model: 7816-7, Production: WO 15454 PS, PB, AC, cruise, tilt, rear sway bar, Visibility group, Light group, Trailer Tow group, Body Protection group, color-keyed slot wheels, AM/FM/CB
Jerry is the original owner - purchased from San Jose AMC/Jeep San Jose, CA, Dealer #30-4304, zone order #180187. He says, "My wife and I purchased the car new in July, 1978 by trading in our high mileage 1970 Ambassador SST station wagon. The Matador was used primarily in our agricultural consulting business for 6 years and later in our retirement years as a dependable daily driver. Despite its high mileage it still runs well W/O excessive oil consumption. The vehicle has always been garaged and is rust free. All of the maintenance records are available since we drove it off the showroom floor some 26 plus years ago. I consider it a strong #3 by the Old Cars Price Guide." It's for sale, $2000 firm.

304, 3 speed auto
non-posi rear
Yellow, brown interior, fullvinyl top
78k miles
no code info sent PS, PB, 3 spoke sport wheel, rolldown quarter windows, rear defroster fan, Visibility group, Light group, styled road wheels, AM/FM, vinyl split bench
An overseas Matador

Larry Abels
Renfrew PA
360 2 bbl, column shift auto
Twin Grip
Sand tan/Golden ginger, beige interior, half vinyl top
18,300 miles
A8A167N VIN; 856N trim; 6D-MB paint; M001043 body; 7816-7 model; W003983 production PS, PB, AC, tilt, 3 spoke steering wheel, rear sway bar, Visibility Group, Light Group, Body Protection Group, color-keyed slot wheels, AM/FM
Larry says, "Possibly the finest original unrestored Barcelona you'll ever find. I bought it from an old man in 1983 with 17,000 miles. Lower driver's side was repainted when I purchased it. Other than that it's original paint. has a few dings and chips but nothing major. Interior like new, original unused spare tire, 4 new radials, very well maintained, everything works except the clock." $7500 OBO.

Stan Gunby
Deland, FL
386-740-7118 eve.
360, column shift auto
non-posi rear
Cranberry/claret, burgundy interior, half vinyl top
no code info sent PS, PB, AC, tilt, 3 spoke steering wheel, front/rear sway bar, color keyed slot style wheels, AM/FM
Stan says, "It's a 1978 AMC MATADOR BARCELONA COUPE - 360 with auto. Overall poor condition but a great parts car or ambitious restoration. No title, but title is available. Please call or email for specifics. Located near Daytona Beach." It's for sale, $500 OBO.

Richard Miller
Kenosha WI
360 2bbl
Twin Grip
Cranberry/Claret two tone, half vinyl top, maroon interior
no code info sent PS, PB, AC, cruise, tilt, rear sway, heated rear glass, Visibility group, Light group, Body Protection group, color-keyed slot style wheels, AM/CB combo
Richard says, "It's a jewel - never been rained on. It stays inside, covered up." I'm hoping for some more pictures and details of this beauty.

360 2bbl, column shift auto
Golden Ginger/Beige vinyl, beige interior
41K miles
A8A167N350807 VIN, 856J trim, 7M-BG paint, M005043 body, 7816-7 model Individual reclining seats

Robert Wisler
Coatesville, PA
360 2bbl
Twin Grip
Blue ext, blue int, full vinyl top
98K miles
no code info sent PS, PB, AC, tilt, rear sway bar, rolldown quarter windows, rear window defogger, AM/FM, LIght group, Body Protection group, AMC hubcaps
Robert says, "I purchased it for its engine, but it started to grow on me. I would like to buy another Coupe in excellent condition."

360 2bbl; column shift automatic
Twin Grip rear
Claret/Autumn red, Berry vinyl roof, Berry Barcelona interior
32,000 orig. miles
A8A167N VIN; HOO3061 Body; 7916-7 Model; 855N Trim; 8D-CB Paint PS, PB, AC, Tilt, Cruise, rear sway, heated rear window, bumper strips, color keyed slot wheels, AM/FM, half vinyl roof, opera quarter windows, individual reclining seats; has transmission cooler and "all weather package"
Tom says, "This Matador was 1 year old when I purchased it. It had 12,000 miles on it and I drove it until 1982 then purchased a 1982 AMC Eagle Wagon. The Matador has been stored and been used very seldom through the years, it has 32,000 original miles on the odometer. Everything is original down to the floor mats. The body paint interior and engine are in excellent shape. Now that I have retired I am starting to refurbish it to the condition it was in 1979. There are a few seepage leaks that have to be fixed so I can enjoy it to the max. I would like to show it if I can.

Originally I purchased it as an executive driven car, it was formally driven by the assistant plant manager of the Richard Street plant, a gentleman by the name of Harold Borsch who later became the plant manager until AMC liquidated. I met him in person and he gave me a tour of the Milwaukee body plant, which at the time was exciting! Here's the story that went along with the tour. He told me every year he had his own personal car and that he personally supervised it through all the assembly operations in Milwaukee and the Kenosha plant and that it had to be A-1 or heads would roll. At the time I thought this to be a bunch of BS of course. But to my surprise a close relative that worked at the Milwaukee plant who knew Mr. Borsch stated what he told me was true. The car was carefully watched through all assembly by quality control. So for me it is somewhat special."

Rick Ferron
Niagara Falls, Canada
360 2 barrel, 3 spd column shift
standard differential
Cranberry/Claret two tone, burgundy interior, bumper strips, cloth reclining seats, 15" wheels
142,500 kilometers
A8A167N VIN, M004772 body code, 78167 model code, 855N trim code, 8D-CB paint code, W014638 production code PS, PB, tilt, heated rear window, AM radio, half vinyl roof, color keyed slot wheels,
Rick says, "This car has been well maintained since new by the same owner. It has had a new vinyl top, and been repainted in the original color. The only real flaws are that the paint does have evidence of dust in it, and the interior, while excellent, has seen some sun fading on the front seats. Everything works on this car! Mr. Karges owned about 23 AMC cars in his day, trading them in every year or so. When AMC stopped making the 'big V8' car in 1978, he kept this last one to tow his boat to his cottage up North. This has been the main usage of this car since the mid 1980s. I have a log book that Mr. Karges kept, detailing every time the car has been started and every repair since the mid 1980s (his first book, the one going back to 1978, was unfortunately destroyed with tax records, as for a short time Mr. Karges used the car as a tax write-off)."

Ned H. Stokes
Butler PA
360 2bbl, column shift auto
Twin Grip
Barcelona trim
Cranberry/Claret two tone, berry vinyl top, berry interior
86,500 actual miles
A8A167N V.I.N. PS, PB, AC, Tilt, Cruise, Front/rear sway bars, heated rear window, AM/FM, bumper strips, color keyed slot style wheels, half vinyl top, opera windows, full interior light group, cloth reclining seats
Ned says, "This Matador was featured in the Dec. 1996 issue of "Collectible Automobile" magazine. (webmaster note: You can see the whole article on my Literature page.) Paint is mostly original - some spots cleaned up and repainted. Interior is original including 3 of the 4 original floor mats. Over the years I have only changed one headlamp and one stop light bulb. Never had to change any side guide lamps or parking lights. The two biggest jobs under the hood were new AC compressor and front seal & water pump. Years ago the electric re-wind clock was shorting the cct so I changed it to a quartz battery clock. Replaced all ball joints recently and shocks are good." Ned recently sold his car.

David Wilson
Aurora, CO
360 2bbl, column shift auto
Barcelona trim
Golden Ginger/Sand ext., tan interior
139K miles
A8A167N V.I.N., M009939 body code, 78167 model code, 856N trim code, 6D-MB paint code, W030432 production code PS, PB, AC, tilt, cruise, bumper strips, AM/FM, cloth reclining seats
Bought the car from a friend in Elizabeth, CO.

Christopher Ziemnowicz
Bethesda, MD
360 2bbl, 727
Twin Grip
Golden Ginger/Sand, tan interior
99,900 est. miles
N code 360 2bbl
A code 3 spd column
Original Twin Grip, 6D-MB paint code, 856N trim code
PS, PB, AC, front/rear sway bars, cruise, half vinyl top, opera windows, AM/FM, CB, tilt wheel, electric rear defroster, interior Decor/Convenience group
Christopher says that he heard that this is one of only 396 Barcelona coupes built in 1978. In any case it is rare, as only 2006 Coupes were produced that year, and highly optioned! He bought it used, looked great, but that bright finish covered loads of body work from a serious crash that was uncovered when the non-rustproofed repair areas began to rust. It has been parked since 86 and has a terminal case of cancer.

Bob Borner
Yuma, AZ
360 2bbl, 727
Standard diff.
Yellow ext. with full vinyl roof, tan vinyl interior
85k actual miles
N code 360 2bbl, C code 3 spd auto floor shift
Original paint and interior
PS, PB, AC, console, buckets, front sway bar, roll down rear windows
Bob purchased the car in Yuma. "I'm trying to restore it, rebuilding the engine and transmission. The front end has some minor collision damage to the hood, grille and left light box, and the pan under the front end. I need parts!"

John Espy
Lees Summit, MO
360 4bbl, 727
Twin Grip diff.
White exterior, maroon vinyl interior
? miles
N code 360 2bbl, C code 3 spd auto floor shift
no paint or trim codes supplied
PS, PB, AC, console, buckets, front/rear sway bar, cruise, roll down rear windows
John got the car from his father-in-law, and he's currently installing a NOS dealer option AC system. He says, "My baby is about 80% done. The engine and transmission have been rebuilt/hot rodded, the suspension has been upgraded, body and paint are done. I can't wait to drive this car!"

Richard Maxon
Winston-Salem NC
360 2bbl, 727
Standard diff.
tan/brown ext., half vinyl roof, tan cloth interior
87,500 actual miles
N code 360 2bbl, A code 3 spd auto column shift
Original paint and interior
PS, PB, AC, front/rear sway bar, cruise, opera rear windows, heated back window, AM/FM radio, Barcelona trim
Richard bought the car in Glouster, VA in 1999. "I bought this car sight unseen and drove it about 750 miles to the house. I didn't have any problems on the way. The factory manuals came with the car. As time allows I've been wrenching on the mechanicals to ensure it's reliability. I just got done replacing bushings, ball joints and tie rods."

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