News and information about the Matador featured in the AOL ads:

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Here is a letter fron Tony Zamisch, who found the Matador for the ad:

Friends, Listers, and anyone else who cares:

Here's the story behind the AOL commercial. As you saw, the car is a Matador Barcelona coupe. 360 V/8, loaded, including a factory Moon Roof. The owner of Powerhouse entertainment is an AMC fan from way back, which is why he wanted a Matador coupe. Originally, they were looking for a beater car that they could paint primer gray, cut up the hood, etc. When I told them that this was a pretty decent car, (and once they saw it) they agreed not to primer it or cut it up.

They found another hood prior to the shoot, that they could cut a hole in and paint to match the rest of the car. The owner of Powerhouse was thinking about keeping the car after the TV broadcast, but an interesting thing happened after the shoot in New York with the American Chopper guys.

According to Phillip at Powerhouse, American Chopper Dad "Paul Sr." liked the car so much, and his younger son Mikey (the one who drove the car in the commercial), LOVED it! Paul Sr. bought the car for Mikey. The car will (more than likely) be seen now and again in future episodes of American Chopper. How cool is that?!!

I will be contacting the guys at Orange County Choppers this week to talk with them about the commercial and to see how Mikey likes the Matador.

It's always fun working with Hollywood!

Kind regards to all,

Tony Z.
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