Mark Scriven from Australia sent these pictures of his stepfather's Matador Coupe with a rebuilt 401:

You'll notice the extra driving lights that have been added.

I hope to have interior shots soon!

Subject: matadors
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 22:20:51 +1000


I am over here in Australia, we have a few things in common, well one thing, AMC Ramblers. I own a very rare 1974 Javelin AMX, rare as it is fully imported and is only one of 3 or 4 in this big country of mine. It is in the javelinamx web page. The web page has it on the bottom it is, but more of that another time.

What I am e-mailing you for is that my mother and stepdad have 2 Matadors. What should interest you is that they are Aussie built cars. Mums is maybe the last one built in Australia. Doug's has been rebuilt and has a 401 which has been put in because all Matadors here had 360s in. Hope you return my e-mail a lot of your people in USA have not bothered to reply. It is very upsetting because all I want to do is chat with other AMC owners.

talk soon Mark Scriven