John Beddow's Power Tour Matador Project in progress:

Pictures of his custom-made subframe connectors being formed, the finshed component,
being installed underneath, and a view of the finished installation from inside the car.

John installing the heads on the newly redone AMC engine, which will be mated to a GM 2004R transmission.

New paint, new stance

Most recent updates from John:

Sept. 2002 - I am still plugging along on the "Flying Wombat". I used V8 springs with a one coil cut off. It is just right height wise, but very stiff. Too stiff. I would like to soften the ride a little, so maybe 6 cyl. springs are the way to go. I just got a 20 gal. fuel cell we are going to mount in the trunk, getting 3.55 gears and solid axels for the rear end. It runs good and I think a finally have the TV cable adjusted right. It was very sensitive, but the 2004R transmission is a nice piece. I will get some copies of the photos of the trans installation, part numbers and what to look out for when installing the unit. I learned the hard way, as usual. Just bought a set of power leather buckets from a Lexus SC400 coupe and we are going to design the rest of the interior around the seats. Still have lots of work to do on the body, paint and dash. I am using Auto Meter guages, tach and electronic speedometer.

July 2002 - Mounted the 2004R to the 401 with an Advance adapter and flex plate, The adapter stuck up about and inch and a half above the mounding surface, preventing the engine and trans from fitting into the tunnel far enough to connect to the motor mounts. Pulled it back out, took it off, and had it laser cut, following a line we scribed on it matching the trans housings shape. Also had to cut to two top "ears" off the trans. The ears were for bolting it to a GM and not used as part of the adapter plate. It fits now, but we had to use an Ididit trans filler tube because the stock one wouldn't fit between the engine and the firewall. It's close.

Prescott Muffler built a really super exhaust system for us using Spintech mufflers and 2 1/2" exhaust all the way. It sounds awsome, but I may have to put a crossover tube in to quiet it some. I have a vibration about 2500 RPM, I think it is my Polyurethane motor mounts. The motor doesn't move at all when you goose it. It might also be the exhaust. I can feel it in the steering wheel, but if I put my hand on the valve covers, the motor is smooth. We thought it might be the torque converter, so we unbolted it and backed it out, then ran the engine. Still vibrated. I'm also going to run it with my old harmonic balancer to see if that makes any difference. It's not a bad vibration, but it's not right.

My son and I took it for a shake down cruise on the 4th of July and put about 100 miles on it. Still no leaks. We are going to get all the bugs out of it mechanically and revise the air conditioner before we start with the exterior and interior. I still need door weatherstrip rubber and the driver side drip rail rubber.