Craig Thompson's almost-new 1975 Brougham:

Hi Craig,

Been cleaning up the cars to put away for the winter. Thought I would snap a few pics of my 75 Brougham before putting it into mothballs. Has about 13,900 miles on it now. The tires are the original Goodyear's, thus the picture. Seats look much more beautiful than the picture. Flash seems to wash them out. They are jet black like the door panel. Still has new car smell. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Showroom new. I still can't believe it when I look in it. Oh yeah, it also has the odd single rear speaker option with AM radio (one of the speaker grilles is empty) and all the sun visor sleeves with warranty and starting instructions.

Craig Thompson

11/01/2001 - This car has recently been traded to a fellow AMC collector in Minnesota, who will complete what little restoration needs to be done to the car.