A highly customized Matador Coupe, spotted at a car show (no details on where or when):

Fortunately, site visitor John Black saw these pictures, and recognized the car as the one he had seen in Kansas. He sent me some more pictures, and some more information. Read on ---

Hi, Craig:

Here are some more pictures of the customized Matador Coupe you asked about. I spotted it at a body shop in Halstead, Kansas in March of this year. I stopped to take pictures and talked to the owner of the body shop. The car is owned by the young man who had the custom work done. It was his mother's car. The interior is a tweedy gray woven material. What do you think about those inset '59 Cadillac tail-lights?

John Black
('75 Brogham)

I also finally got in touch with Richard, the car owner, who sent in a registration form on the car - it's a 1975 - and he sent in some newer pictures. Note the intricate pinstriping and the "Matador" mural on the back filler panel. I asked him why he didn't smooth out the entire hood instead of just the front, and he said the body shop had problems with the structural bracing on the underside of the hood. They ruined his first hood, so the result you see is "Plan B".