Finished! (well, almost)

Ted Marshall of Florida has been working on this project off and on for the past 12 years. He is finally finished with it, although working out a few minor bugs, and has already won "Best Engineered Car" at the Daytona Show. He says, "The trip was the car's shakedown cruise and a few problems showed up. I have spent the last 8-10 weeks fixing the small stuff. Runs great!!! Fast too!!! I did keep the soft 3:15 gears to get some decent mileage." It's 401-powered, so AMC purists can be happy.

"The tail lites are Matador, Corvette and custom bubbles from Ecklers (Corvette people). I made a plaster mold of the back of the Matador tail lite housing and laid in three layers of fiberglass matte and glassed in the three mounting studs. I then scrounged up scratched / chipped / broken / or cracked Vette lites as long as the red lens it self was repairable. I grafted that in to the fiberglass cup I made and now had Vette lites that bolt to Matadors. The bubble is a custom set of four lenses that have an inner lip to glue them to a Vette lite. A bit of body work to fill the seams and smooth out the Matador back panel and now I have custom tunneled tail lites!!

"The interior is aircraft tweed, carpet from J.C. Whitney. The raised speaker covers are from a Lincoln Town Car and I sprayed the Matador emblems gray to match the interior. I then filed and sanded the face of the letters to give them a "Billet" look. The door windows are now power from an aftermarket kit about 8 years old. It is a motor with a cable like a speedometer cable that goes to a small gear transmission that fits over the window crank in place of the handle. It has a nice plastic cover that I glued some tweed fabric onto - that's what that gray circle is on the door panel covers. I'm trying to find and or design a small 1/8 emblem to put on them and the horn button. I ran all the wiring up the windshield posts to a Dodge caravan overhead console and the window switches are mounted in that.

I don't know if I told you, but check the 1976 August issue of Car Craft. The Gremlin I built in the seventies is in that and many others. I would like nothing better than to have the Matador X-press make all the mags."

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm sure Ted's car will get a lot of attention!

Ted's custom Coupe with first coat of paint

Hi Craig-

Just a few shots of the" MATADOR X-PRESS". The first paint job is done and I'm starting to assemble it. Next is the glass I will send more pic's as I go on. When it is all together I will check for and fix any problems and the exterior will get a final basecoat clearcoat finish along with lettering and a set of competion stripes (purple maybe??). More as I go along.


Ted Marshall's custom Matador Coupe, almost ready for paint:

Ted Marshall from Margate, Florida owns this 1974 customized Coupe. Originally it was a 304-powered column shift, now it sports a modified 401 with a 727 tranny with 2800 stall converter and heavy duty Hemi internals. It also has a fiberglass custom hood cowl induction, ground effects and wing he custom built from scratch (fiberglass), hand built billet grille, filled gas door/shaved handles, Corvette tail lights, Air Ride adjustable suspension and much, much more. It also sports a custom two tone dark and light gray tweed interior with an overhead console and more. The body is currently in PPG black primer. It was built with pieces from 3 separate Coupes, and has been a 7 year project.

As for the custom body pieces, Ted says, "I made a mold for the hood. The ground effects are shaped from foam covered with fiberglass and body worked to finish, since I had no budget for molds. May be when it is done if I find an interest in them, molds might be made. I'm trying real hard to finish the car for Kenosha in July."