Randy Helm's really cool modified Matador Coupe (courtesy of Eddie Stakes). The car is obviously not finished yet, but will have a 360 stroker, 5 speed tranny and custom paint. It created quite a stir when a "teaser" photo appeared in Car Craft magazine earlier this year. The car is located in Houston, TX.

Here you can see Randy's Matador compared with Eddie's stock 1977 Barcelona. Some of the custom goodies include a '70 AMX hood scoop, '76 Camaro fender gills, Nissan 260Z hood vents, '70 Camaro RS nerf-style bumpers, 59 Buick "bullet" tail light lenses (in the factory housings) and Chrysler Aero-style door mirrors.

You can email Randy and tell him how much you love this car at RADMADRANDY@aol.com. Maybe you can pick up some customizing tips, too.