AMC Matador Coupe Registry Form

Let others know your 1974-1978 Matador Coupe is alive! (Or at least in existence, running or not.) Add your car to this list and become a part of AMC history! Help me track down and research the history and production of the Matador Coupe.

This form is for the Registry and Classifieds listings. The information in this form is for historical and contact purposes only, and will not be sold, transferred or used in any other way without the permission of the sender.

PLEASE NOTE - If your car does not look like the car in the header image above, it is not a 74-78 Matador Coupe, and you should not use this form. Check my Links Page for AMC sites and clubs that specialize in your vehicle.

The Registration Form is currently offline. If you would like to share information about your Matador Coupe on this site, please EMAIL ME with some details about your car, and pics, too!