Sept. 24, 2004 - I just had some custom u-joint girdles made. These are made to replace the stock u-joint straps and tiny retaining bolts. Moroso makes them for just about every application, and I tried them. The closest I got was the one for the GM 12-bolt. The u-joint cap size was right, but the mount bolt center-to-center dimension was wrong for the AMC 20. So I had a custom CNC shop make me a u-joint girdle with the correct dimensions for the AMC 20 and I installed them last night. Very cool, and way stronger than the stock straps. The machine work is top-notch. All I had to do was drill out the stock bolt holes to accept the thru-bolts, which I did very carefully, and in increments, so that the holes didn't "wander". I did find that I needed to bevel the edge of the nut that was against the pinion yoke for a snug fit. These are available now, so if you want them for your AMC, let me know! These are made for the AMC 20 rear end found on full size AMCs and some Jeeps, and may not work for compact AMCs (Gremlin, Spirit, Hornet). Check to see if your u-joint cap size is 1.078", and that your mount bolt center-to-center dimension is 1.5".

The drilled out yoke; images of the new u-joint girdle installed

Side by side comparisons of the custom part (L) and the GM 12-bolt girdle (R); comparison of the new girdle with the stock strap and bolt