Some recent pictures of my 1976 Matador Coupe Brougham:

The newly installed MSD ignition (8/21/01).
MSD6AL box, MSD Blaster2 coil, MSD Pro Billet distributor, MSD 8.5 Super Conductor wires.

Some close-ups of my custom hitch and trailer wiring.

A shot of the engine bay.
A shot of the dash.

I flew down to Edinburg, TX and drove it home, towing an 85 Eagle with it from Houston to Topeka KS, too, if you can believe that!

Some pictures taken during my trip from TX to Iowa. The first shows the total rig - towing the 85 Eagle; the second is in my parent's driveway, getting ready for the final leg home; the third shows it finally where it belongs - in my driveway.

Here are two pictures of my car in the 1999 Southwest AMC Regional Car Show and Swap Meet, June 12, at Rooty's Restaurant in San Antonio TX. It won first place in it's class. This was before I bought the car.