April 8, 2002 - The car has been steering a bit funny, but I attributed that to a power steering problem. I was on my way out of the driveway, when I got a sudden tilting sensation and hear an unpleasant thunking noise from the front, along with the inability to steer. I stopped the car and got out, and I see my left front wheel tilting in at about 30 degrees. The lower control arm failed. I managed to limp it into the garage, but damn! I checked all the bushings and linkages when I replaced the ball joints and brakes. It looks like the inside end of the control arm broke. I'll know more when I can get it jacked up and inspect it.

Well, it's 9:30 p.m., and I've had time to jack the car up and see what's wrong. The inside end of the control arm failed, and pulled out of the bushing. You can see in the pictures that the end of the control arm, which should be a nice round opening, is torn open into a "C" shape, and is completely out of the bushing. I'm not sure why it failed, but I suspect that the bushing was worn, and the bushing bolt wore through the control arm.