Some shots of a customized 1974 Coupe which was recently up for sale on ebay:

Some comments from those who have seen this car in person (I have not):

"For those of you who might be interested in this Matador -- all I can say is that it was super nice. It was at the Albany show a few years ago and it was a center of attraction. You say not radical enough? It was in excellent condition and and looked like no expense was spared to have a finished custom ride. When I saw it it was fully finished with no "rough" places you typically see on rods and customs. At Albany, it was evident that this was not your ordinary "slap-it-together" modification job. There are usually a number of customized cars, particularly 2-seat AMXs, and this Matador would have put most off them to shame in comparison. Is there $20,000 in it? Yes, I would believe it! That amount also probably includes the total hourly cost of the owner's time to get it this condition. Has anyone had a car professionally restored or customized? Then I don't need to explain how expensive that is! The total costs involved for jobs like this far exceed the price the market will bring. If you check old car advertisements, there are many that state selling prices that are a fraction of what the owners have put in them. This is particularly so for vehicles that been modified or customized."

"I too have seen this Matador in person, at Carlisle, it was forsale, $5-6K if I remember correctly. Nice car and yes I would say it's possible for the builder to have $20K in it. Super sharp car and appeared well done! No I don't know the builder either!"