Hey folks -

I spent 25 minutes on the phone this weekend with Frank of Franks Custom Fiberglass (fcfibrglas@aol.com) near Reading PA. He has produced some excellent parts, and a complete AMX body, and there are many AMC folks who can attest to the quality of his parts.

We are working on getting fiberglass fenders and hood produced for the 1974-78 Matador Coupe. No one is currently making these, and he is willing to be the first (unlike all of the others I contacted). Since I don't want to foot the bill for the entire mold cost, and to keep the total price down as low as possible, I am looking for those who are SERIOUSLY interested in purchasing the hood and/or fenders in the next 6-9 months. It may be sooner, if there is enough interest, but I'm being conservative.

The fenders will be a stock style bolt-on that will accept the factory side light. Cost per part will be in the $250-300 range plus a share of the molding cost, dependant on the total number of orders. Fiberglass fenders will eliminate the problem of rust behind the front wheels, and will considerably lighten the car.

The hood will probably have a pad to accept the factory latch, if desired (requiring the replacement of the stock latch springs with lightweight springs). Frank and I have not reached a concensus yet as to whether the front will accept the stock latch mounts. I plan to make mine a pin-on, but others may not want this. He can easily make the hood as a lightweight race-only style pin-on hood as well. I am sure that Frank would be able to mold in a scoop of your choice, also. Cost will be approx. $325 (possibly less) plus a share of the molding cost, dependant on the total number of orders. A fiberglass hood will primarily appeal to performance-oriented folks, but it will cut at least 75% of the weight of the hood.

If you are serious about wanting these parts, contact me NOW, so I can get an indication of the interest level. I am not asking for money yet, just a count of those with serious interest. I urge you to pass this along to any Coupe owner you know.

Also, if there are any Coupe owners in the Reading, PA area who have good condition hood and fenders that could serve as mold masters, that would be excellent.

Craig Bond