Jan. 27, 2002 - Since the weather was unseasonably warm (a record 68 degrees), I decided to pull the Matdaor out of the garage and find out what caused the bad vibration that caused it to be parked. I jacked the rear up and pulled out the driveshaft, thinking that it was a bad U-joint. The front yoke seemed a bit loose, and it was easy to see why - one of the front U-joint caps was missing! I've seen bearings reduced to powder, cracks in the X portion of the U-joint, and missing driveshaft weights, but never a missing cap.

You can clearly see the space where the missing cap should be

The day before the vibration started, I was on my way home from a car show, doing 70+ on the Interstate. Lucky I didn't lose it then, or I would have polevaulted down the highway. The yoke was about 70% of the way off on the opposite side, so it was close to coming completely loose. I replaced it with the driveshaft from Dolly, since it has no engine or tranny right now anyway. I'll probably need to get a new yoke, too, since it was damaged from the inner race of the U-joint flailing around. I'll be putting in a driveshaft safety loop on this car, like I have on my racer.