July 30, 2001 - I am preparing my Coupe for the AMC Nationals in Cordova since I won't be racing my other Coupe this year. I decided to install the heavy duty boxed rear lower control arms I bought last year to firm up the rear end a bit. These are the same as the ones I installed on my racing Coupe. While I had the sway bar out, I decided to clean it up and paint it with Eastwood Chassis Black. I also cleaned up the rear end, axle housing and control arm mounts and painted all of them with the Chassis Black, as well as the hitch and the underside of the gas tank. It looks great.

This morning I got the AC system serviced, since it wasn't really cooling all that well. The tech didn't find any leaks, but it took about a pound of freon. Probably comes from not driving it very often and having the seals dry out a bit over the winter. With 100 degree temperatures very likely, the 5+ hour trip will be a lot more comfortable with the air conditioning working.

Mechanically, I don't have much to do, but I will be doing the regular inspections of belts, hoses, fluid levels, plugs and wires and tire pressure. After that, all I have to do is a major cleaning and detailing.