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I heartily recommend EPage - very effective and lots of traffic.
Fossil Cars is a site that specializes in Classic, Collector and Exotic Vehicles. Currently, they have more than 1200 classified ads posted - most from private sellers and most with photos. Check it out!

AMC World Clubs (AMCWC)
The Classic AMX Club, International (CACI)
American Motorsport, International (AMI)
7963 Depew Street
Arvada, CO 80003-2527
(303)428-8760 (10am-6pm, Mountain time)

CACI is the AMC hobby's oldest international club, founded in 1973 by Larry G. Mitchell. Dedicated to the 1968-70 AMX only, it operates along with AMI (a general interest Rambler/AMC club) under the umbrella of AMC World Clubs, Inc. The clubs share yearly conventions, a bi-monthly newsletter, and a "Telephone Techline".

American Motors Owners Association (AMO)
Darryl Salisbury, President (SALISBURY@wmich.edu)
6756 Cornell Street
Portage, MI 49002-3412
(616)323-0369 fax:(616)387-4806

Dedicated to AMC products from 1958-1988; has chapters worldwide, holds yearly convetions, and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter. Recently established its own NEW home page on the World Wide Web.

The AMC/Rambler Club (AMCRC)
2645 Ashton Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Dedicated to all Rambler and AMC cars built between 1958 and 1969 only, the club has yearly national and regional conventions and publishes a newsletter four times a year.

National American Motors Drivers and Racers Association (NAMDRA)
P.O. Box 987
Twin Lakes, WI 53181
(414) 396-9552
E-mail: NAMDRA@juno.com

Formerly Nat'l American Motors Drag Racing Association, NAMDRA offers a newsletter, technical advice and service, AMC and Jeep parts and service listing, discounts on parts and equipment, national and regional meets.

Total Performance AMX Club
Dick Datson, Editor
1511 19th Ave. W.
Bradenton, FL 34205

Publishes a newsletter, 12 issues per year; also offers a 200 page book of 6-cyl. and V-8 performance and tech tips for $6.

AMC Pacer Club
2628 Queenston Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
(216) 371-0226

Dues $10/year; newsletter four times a year

Metropolitan Owners Club of North America
5009 Barton Road
Madison, WI 53711

Founded in 1975 by Dick Maize. Dedicated to those interested in the 1954-62 Metropolitan imported by Nash and AMC. Yearly national and regional conventions; publishes a monthly 1/2-size club publication.

Little Nash Rambler Club
P.O. Box 1385
Sequim, WA 98382-1385

Recognizes 1950-57 Ramblers, 1958-63 Rambler Americans. Membership 250. Dues $25 U.S. Quarterly Publication.

American Motorsport of San Diego County
c/o Tony Zamisch, 977 Florida St. Imperial Beach, CA 91932
American Motorsport of Portland
c/o Max Frye, 14950 S. Bradley Road, Oregon City, OR 97045
Hudson Valley American Motors Club
c/o Joe Marsh, P.O. Box 165, Worcester, NY 12197
Javelin Register of Australia
c/o Dianne and Alan Wilson, 1 Regal Ave. Hallam, Victoria, Australia, 3803
Pikes Peak AMC
President: Doug Eriksen, 7935 Forest Heights Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80908
Email: rwb1@gnn.com
Rocky Mountain AMC Club
C/O Werner Fruhwirth, 210 @. Alcott St, Denver, CO, 80219
Rocky Mountain AMC Club Email: MME33@Earthlink.net
Southern Nevada American Motors Club
c/o Larry R. Leard, 7575 Hickman Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89129
Twin Harbors American Motors Club
P.O. Box 187
Hoquiam, WA 98550
President: Mark Ogulnick (chicagokid@techline.com)
Sponsor and Host of "Whitecaps and Hubcaps" event in 1999
Mid America AMC Club
A car club dedicated to the preservation of the cars made by the last American Independent Auto Maker
Contact info: Ray Mick - rmick@cox.net, Wichita, KS
Dues are $25 per year. Benefits include some great AMC enthusiasts, monthly news letter, Free want ads, Discounts on club merchandise, also a great source of info and parts.
AMC Club Finland (AMCCF) (www.amccf.com)
Honoring all AMC, Rambler, Nash, Hudson, Jeep vehicles (1902 - 1988)
Liinaharjantie 88A8, 28610 Pori, Finland, Europe
Email: info@amccf.com
Established 2000
Approx. 110 members (6/15/2001)
Dues: 100FiM/year
Newsletter "AMCCF" (approx 50 pages) published quarterly
President A-V Nauha (juha.makkonen@turkuamk.fi) +358-40-0742676
Treasurer Kari Sinkkonen (karzi@atk-tuki.com)
Executive Member Kari Kokkola (kari.kokkola@tietoenator.com) +358-40-0215878
Riverside Rebels (www.atk-tuki.com/rebels)
President: T.Kinnunen
80200 Joensuu
Alternate contact:
Karzi Sinkkonen (karzi@atk-tuki.com) +358-50-3228079
The web site says, "Join in! Free car club for every hobbycar driver. Lets meet in summer. Lot of not shining cars (Most AMC)." All Riverside Rebels AMC hobbyists are members of AMCCF.
American Motors Club of British Columbia
308 Hampton Street.
New Westminster, B.C. Canada V3M 5M1
President: Lars Jensen (604) 583-4314
Executive Member: Andy Millar (604) 527-7730
Executive Member: Events Info: Richard Wallis (604) 251-2871
Executive Member: Peter Koch
Newsletter Editor: Dana Shaw (604)946-9751
Email addresses: Fax (604)946-9752
Northern Ramblers Car Club
Honoring all AMC and related vehicles 1902 - 1988
President: Jim Rae, 905-985-1583
Newsletter Editor: Ken Cosby, 416-225-0446, e-mail: rambler@sympatico.ca
Membership: Marty Davis, 705-329-2377, e-mail: my_amc_javelin@yahoo.com
Membership approx. 250 Canada wide
Yearly show: Rambler-rama, held in June
Dues: $24./year Canadian members, $22./year US. for US and overseas members.
28 page newsletter, bi-monthly, plus show issue.
American Motors Club of Alberta:
15952 Patricia Drive, Edmonton, Alberta, T5R-5N4, CANADA
Contact: Ken Ames (amesk@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca)
Newsletter editor: C/O Rick Johnson
919 - 114st, Edmonton, Alberta, T6J-6Z6, Canada
Phone: (780) 431-1342 Fax: (780) 484-9773
Club formed Sept.94. Approx. 91 members. All AMC's may apply.
Swedish AMC/Rambler Society (Svenska AMC Rambler Sallskapet):
BATVAGEN 16, 792 50 Mora, SWEDEN
Email: sars@telia.com
Established 1985; 200 members; Dues 150k; Newsletter "Ramblerrevyn" (approx 30 pages) published quarterly; Editor, P-O Wallin
Contact person: Johan Lindersson (johan.lindersson@swipnet.se)
Phone: +46 18 377910
MINNESOTA: Grover Cleveland, 620 Oliver Ave. N. Minneapolis MN. 55411
Curt Larsen, 56 Elk Rd, Hopewell Junction, NY. 12533
AMC Club, 2113 Rambling Rd., Edmond, OK. 73034
Windy City AMC Club
Scott & Laurie Brazzale
14420 Streamwood Dr., Orland Park, IL 60462
Dues: $20/year.
First Coast AMC
Contact: Clifton S. Danley (csdanley@juno.com)
5618 Shorewood Road
Jacksonville, FL 32210
A non-affiliated club. First Coast AMC welcomes owners and enthusiasts of AMC, Rambler, Nash, Hudson, Willys/Kaiser/AMC Jeep, Jeffrey, Ajax, and Renault Alliance/Encore from the North/Central Florida and South Georgia areas.

If you see any errors in this list, please let me know: matadorcoupe@gmail.com. Thanks to Jim Stone and Eddie Stakes, who assembled most of this list.

For a more complete listing of AMC National Organization chapters, see Jim Stone's AMX and AMC/Rambler Clubs page.