May 2000 - An online friend and fellow Coupe owner, Craig Thompson, invited me to join the fledgling South Dakota AMC group car show in Chamberlain, SD. I decided to let the Matador really run, since it hadn't seen any real highway miles since I drove it home from Texas. I left early in the morning May 6, and arrived in Chamberlain around noon, just when some others were starting to show up. Within an hour, we had over a dozen AMCs parked side by side. It was good to get to meet some fellow AMC owners, and I took pictures of the two other Coupes there - we outnumbered all other body styles! The car drove great - I travelled a "little" above the 75 mph speed limit, but still got 12-14 mpg. The total trip was around 700 miles. I'm now getting ready for the Kenosha 2000 show, doing touch ups and clean up, as well as getting a few dress up items for the car.