Terry Judd sent these pictures he took at the San Diego Auto Museum:

As promised, here are five pictures recently taken at the San Diego Auto Museum. The first three are of the Matador Barcelona on display.

The fourth and fifth pictures are of Dick Teague's AMX 3. The Matador I believe is a 1977 (the first year of the Barcelona?) and was in storage for more than a decade. It has only 38 miles on it and was owned by a former AMC dealership Davies Motors. It is in perfect condition, except the headliner has dropped from age. That's an unfortunate problem with cars of that era. My Eagle SX/4 has done the same thing and there is nothing you can do about it. I'm glad my Matador has the vinyl weave headliner. I have never seen these drop.

It's great the AMX 3 is parked near the Matador-that way you can notice the many similarities including:

1) The similar A-pillar design;
2) The similar mid-body crease that jumps over the back tire;
3) And the rear bumper that mimics the shape of the Matador license plate surround.
It's a must-see for Matador fans.

Terry Judd