AMC Matador Coupe Pictures Archive

Here are a few descriptions of cars with links to their pictures. If you have pics of your Matador Coupe, send them to me and they'll show up here!


According to Dick Teague, there was a 4 door and a wagon planned using the new Matador body style. Here are some concept drawings of those cars! (special thanks to Larry Daum)


A photo essay on the unique features of the Oleg Cassini Coupes. Thanks to Tom Benvie for sending the pictures!


A RWB NASCAR clone. I believe this was the car that was up on ebay last year. If you have any details or know who owns it, email me!


Bill Dettman's Matador X restoration.


Piere Bochamp's custom racing Matador Coupe.


Harry Freemantle's Australian right hand drive Matador Coupe, including some new interior pictures!


Joseph Carey's Bobby Allison NASCAR stocker clone. His work includes many body and mechanical modifications, not just paint.


Another Australian Coupe, and an amazing story to go with it!


John Beddow's Power Tour Matador project.

Photos from factory crash testing session for the Matador Coupe.

Craig Thompson's nearly new 1975 Brougham - still has new car smell!


A very interesting Matador Coupe treatment, now with new paint. Pretty aggressive ground effects.

If you love the Matador and/or NASCAR, you will love this large collection of Matador racing pictures.

Neil Russell sent me this retouched photo just for fun - he says, "I just cut the fender from one side and pasted it in the middle! That kind of bodywork on that massive hood would be like attaching pontoons on the Bismarck!!"

Pictures of Ned Stokes' gorgeous 1978 Barcelona, as featured in a magazine article.

Chris sent this picture of his Mom with her 1978 Barcelona.

Pictures of a mild custom 1974 Matador Coupe recently for sale on ebay.

A very interesting custom treatment of a Matador Coupe.
Update: some new information!

Pictures of a 75 Matador X owned by Johnny Reid - check out the black/white interior. See Johnny's site.

Two very cool logos created by Johnny Reid.

A photo essay on the unique Barcelona features.

John in Dana Point, CA sent me this ad, appearing in the Orange County Register.

NEW PICTURES! (1/30/02)

A very nicely done custom Matador Coupe owned by Kelly Schoof.

An interesting AMC promo item! A dart board featuring the Matador Coupe's competition.

Check out pictures of David Shapiro's custom '77 Barcelona, and his car story.

John Black shares his 1975 Brougham with us - a real "bought it from a little old lady" story!.

Here's something I bet you haven't seen - a right-hand drive Matador Coupe from Australia!.

In case you didn't see it on the Registry List page, here is Dave Goodbread's black beauty! UPDATE!! This car is now for sale!

Some great interior and exterior shots of a white 1974 Cassini Coupe. It's for sale, so check out the Coupe Classifieds.

A cool custom Matador Coupe recently for sale on ebay.

Pictures of a brand-new Matador coupe and the AMX3 from the San Diego Auto Museum.

Steve Jackson's gorgeous black 1974 loaded Oleg Cassini.

Take a look at Terry Judd's beautiful blue bomber.

Check out some pictures from Sweden, including one very custom low-riding Coupe.

First Sweden, now Finland. Take a peek at Petri Nojd's very nice ride.

Some totally awesome pictures of Randy Helm's heavily customized Matador coupe - not finished, but really cool!

A really cool picture of Bobby Allison and Roger Penske with the Nascar Coupe - signed by Bobby!

Pictures of the Matador Coupe I bought and drove up from Edinburg, TX.

From the 5/74 issue of Stock Car Racing, this picture shows the PR version of the Matador NASCAR stocker. Insets show Mark Donohue (left) and owner Roger Penske (right).

A 1974 dealer sales promo card featuring the 1974 AMC lineup with discounted prices.

Picture of a 1974 Brougham coupe from an AMC postcard. Look closely at the license plate and the interior - see anything wrong?

Picture of a 1974 Oleg Cassini coupe from an AMC postcard.

Two black and white views of the 74 Coupe from magazine ads.

Picture of a 1975 Oleg Cassini coupe from the AMC sales brochure.

A real "Lemon fresh" 76 Coupe, not mine, for sale. See the Coupe Classifieds if interested.

Pictures of a beautiful 74 Matador X sold after listing on my Classifieds page.

Pictures of a beautiful 74 Matador. It's not mine, but it's for sale! See the Coupe Classifieds if interested.

Here's a very nice 78 Barcelona, not mine, also for sale. See the Coupe Classifieds if interested.

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