Kelly Schoof's custom Coupe:

Hi Craig, I have made some new modifications (December 2001) to the ram air system on my car. I got rid of all that ugly foam seal and cut the heat riser off the under hood intake. I found some real nice rubber seal stripping that is used on many 80's GM cars to seal the hood to the rear cowl. This stuff worked out great around the edge of the air cleaner. You will also notice my flapper valve that seals the air cleaner when the intake door on the hoodscoop is open and there is a positive air pressure in the air cleaner. Everything seems to seal and work properly.

webmaster note: This is one of the coolest custom intake setups I have seen!

The car has had the bumpers removed, has a custom suspension, and some other custom goodies.

Hi Craig, The Air Lift system is made by the Air Lift company. I do not have the numbers with me at work here, but I can get them for you - It fits some other North American cars as well as the Izusu Trooper (I think). Of course it also fits all the 4 door matador cars. You can get them from J.C. Whittney, they list it as for the AMC Matador.

The Electric fan is from a '82 chevy citation - many of the early GM cars have fans that are well suited for addapting. I then used a sensor from a dodge Omni and a 30 amp relay from a '77 imperial.

The hood scoop is a highly modified Boss 429 scoop. I have a door inside that opens and closes with a solenoid at my will if it starts to rain or gets very dusty, the air is then drawn from under the hood. There are also signal light indicators in the back of the scoop - none of these things were on the original ford part of coure.

I saw your section on the 401 car after I first Emailed you - Nice! And good times too! this gives me real hope for the 401 I'll be putting in this fall.


Some previous detail shots under the hood (Oct. 2001)