Our laundry room is pretty small, so storage and shelf space is at a premium. I put in an overhead cabinet, but that didn't quite cut it, so I built this L-shaped shelf using some leftover plywood, 4x4 legs, a 2x6 to beef up the junction, and 2x4 cleats on the wall.

The linen shelf in the basement hallway was kind of cobbled together out of really thin plywood and paneling, and it wouldn't hold any weight, so it was pretty much useless, and too small anyway. So, I cut out the wall, framed out an opening and a base, and built the new linen shelf to fit. I used laminated boards, with the side boards pre-drilled for shelf support pegs, and white paneling for the back. I built the whole unit to be removable just in case we needed access to the back side of the water heater or furnace/AC unit.

The old linen shelf

Framing for the new linen shelf unit

The new shelving unit and some detail pictures

There was storage under the stairs to the basement, but it was really pretty awful. Also, the wall was pretty flimsy. So, I cut it out, added some extra bracing, put plywood in under the stairs, put new paneling in, did a lot of drywall work, and then painted it. The result is storage that is actually accessible.

The old storage area

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