We had been living with a very crowded basement for some time, with lots of stuff crammed into two rooms. I had done a quick remodel of the piano studio space when we moved in 9 years ago, but the rest of the basement was really dated and not very attractive. So, I bit the bullet and with a plan in mind, we dug into the project, which had to be done before piano lessons started back up in the Fall.

The piano studio before demo

The family room before demo


The first step was of course to strip the space down. The only thing we planned on keeping was the bulk of the drywall on the ceiling, and the long wall in the piano studio. Everything else was stripped down to the studs, the carpet was pulled, and the framed boxwork enclosing the ductwork and support beam was removed.

The family room after the first stage of demo

Son and I demolishing the wall separating the piano studio and family room.

Of course, when you demo, you find things that you don't expect. In this case, an old skeleton of a little mouse that got stuck in the wall and couldn't get out.

We also found scribbles my wife made when the wall was put up when she lived here as a little girl.

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