My son was heading off to college, and his dorm didn't provide lofted beds, so we ended up building him one. The plans were available online, and we decided to make a few minor modifications. The frame is constructed of 2x6 and 2x4 lumber, and held together with 3/8 bolts. We used hex bolts instead of carriage bolts, since carriage bolts tend to spin out, becoming impossible to tighten. The bed took us about a day to build.

Everything went smoothly, even when we had to change the height of the bed platform once we got the frame into my sonís dorm room - after carrying it up to the fifth floor! Itís very sturdy, and very useful. Sorry I donít have any better pictures, but hereís the bed in the dorm room:

We opted to use regular nuts instead of the wing nuts specified in the plans. Some of the tolerances were a bit tighter, so I used a locknut instead of a nut and a lockwasher. We found using the nuts with a wrench and socket was easier than turning a bunch of wingnuts by hand or using a pair of pliers on them.

FYI - we saw a lot of other loft kits being used at the dorm, including one sold by Lowes, and they were very flimsy comparatively. I donít know that I would have felt secure with them. I pulled and yanked on the OP loft once my son and I had it finished, and it just wonít budge.

Total cost was around $125.

The end result is quite good. Quite a bit of lumber, but no complex construction, just a lot of precise measuring and drilling. It can be made with a circular saw, drill, and socket/wrench set, although I also used my chop saw. If you want to learn more about this or any other projects on this site, contact me.

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