Take a look at what others have said, and sign in yourself, if you like.

Michelle - April 2004
Chicago, IL

Thank you for your plans. We are in the midst of building the bed and it is just wonderful. As was mentioned elsewhere on this site, the real joy of these plans is that you can adapt them for your individual needs. You can also dress it up or down, depending on your decor.

We took some "in-progress" pictures, and will get some final pictures once completed. We'll forward them all.

Thanks again. I'll be linking you to my website soon. Hope others can find your wonderful plans and benefit from them!

Eric - Nov. 2003
Thank You SO Much for the plans!

I built the loft and since the two walls are plaster over brick and I put bolts in every foot, it is not coming down! I think I could put an entire hockey team up there and it wouldn't move - not that that is one of my goals however...

I've tried several times to get pics of it to you, but my digital camera is crap and doesn't have a flash, so the nearby windows wreak havoc on the final pictures. I'm going to have to borrow my buddy's to get some results pics to you - and I don't know when that will be. I didn't want you to think that I reneg'd on my intentions to get some pics to you - but with my divorce, new job(s) and grad school, I'm a skosh pre-occupied.

Hopefully you'll have some pics soon, but in a geologic sense, that could be hundred of thousands of years. I'm hoping within a month or two...

Thanks again!

Happy Thanksgiving ~ Eric

Richard Schaffer - July 2003
Very nice loft beds. I am planning to build a loft area in my kids playroom which is about as wide as two regular loft beds. Really studying your design to see how to plan mine so I can take from your experience. Relative beginner so the pictures are very helpful.
Jeff Sumeracki - July 2003
North Carolina
Favorite tool brand: DeWalt
I thank you for taking the time to put this web page together - especially the trap door section. I learned a lot! I'm just finishing my tree house project. I was in the same boat where I had promised my three children a tree house for 2-3 years and finally got motivated to build it this summer. I too wanted a trap door that could be closed and was of the same quality of construction as the deck and be durable enough for an adult to walk on.

I'm trying a counterweight design first (with a pulley) and I intend for the rope to extend downward low enough to be pulled open from the lower level (two story tree house). This way, the kids can open the hatch before they ascend the ladder. I also installed two latches (a gate latch that throws automatically and locks the door open) and another locking clasp that offers additional peace of mind as a failsafe.

My house is built completely on a 18" diameter pine tree (no branches below 30') and is 8' x 8' square, off-center by 1' on the side facing the house (for a play area). Walls are 4' 4" high, all wood and handrail on all 4 sides for safety. The roof supports (future addition) are 6' 5" high, allowing for an adult to stand without ducking.

All this is 12-14 feet above ground, built over a triangular shaped "platform" that was previously existing (with two children's slides). All this is a total surprise for the kids. I built it in a week (40 hours of work, 40 hours of building, including two weekends - been a tough 9 days!) and can't wait for the kids to see it (they're out of town with Mom).

I'll have them help with the remaining construction, but at this point, it's useable.

Callie - June 2003
Favorite tool brand: Makita
Great Treehouse Plans , just what I was looking for, now my husband has something to build.
Heather - 4/26/03
Favorite tool brand: any
Awesome site!
Nick - 4/1/03
Nice site! Thanks for the great ideas!!!
Dane - 3/22/03
Favorite tool brand: Milwaukee, Ryobi
Could you tell me why the regular ball joints would not work for the trap door application? I have a loft over my garage with a similarly heavy door, and I am ready to install the gas struts, but just wanted to know why those wouldn't work, and also, how you figured your measurements on the location of them. Thank you!

(reply: Really, any heavy duty hinge will work fine. As for the placement of the struts, I measured them open and closed, and just played with the various possible placements until I found a spot that allowed the door to be nearly fully open and yet allow the struts to compress when the door was closed. If I were more of a scientist, I could have used trigonometry and geometry to figure it out, I suppose. The struts came off of a Dodge compact hatchback at the salvage yard, but you can buy new ones at any auto parts store. Just make sure the ends have an "eye" for the bolt to go through. Hope this helps.)

Dean - 3/21/03
Favorite tool brand: Makita
Great Site! Your Loft bed #2 site has inspired me! If you have instructions and a parts list I would be much obliged. Keep up the good work. This is the practical type of stuff that an average parent can actually do.

(reply: No problem. The plans are on their way. Glad you enjoyed the site!)

Todd Ellis - 9/12/02
I found your site about half way through my treehouse construction ... it's remarkable how similar our designs are in ashape & size. I am supporting the "odd" corner from above with 1,000 pound chain, instead of the post from below, but other than that the deck is very similar. I WAS going with a pretty standard rail design ... until I saw yours. I LOVE the rope look. Thanks for the tip!
Jason Goodell from Nebraska - 5/27/02
Favorite tool brand: DeWalt, Bosch
Thank you for putting in all the time and effort that it had to take to post this wonderful site! Its very refreshing to see someone doing this just to be helpful to others, no strings attached. I am raising my two daughters on my own and also always thinking of things to build/buy for them to have fun with that will also help them learn and grow. Thanks again!!
Phillip McIntosh from Brussels, Belgium - 5/8/02
Favorite tool brand: Metabo, Hitachi
Task: to find photos and info relating to kid's treehouses.
Result: I was amazed at how many websites I had to visit before I stumbled upon your fabulous site. A well built treehouse located in a good website done by someone whose sole purpose was to help others enjoy their projects as much as he did. Well done!!
Danae from Northern MN - 5/5/02
Favorite tool brand: Any one that works!
A guy from my church and my dad started building a treehouse (well its on the ground but a tree grows inside of it) for me and my sisters and I have been looking up sites about treehouses. I really like them and now my dream is to live in one as a house!
Ja Rule from Los Angeles - 5/4/02
Favorite tool brand: TOOL
I love this page! My daughter loves it, since I am giving her ideas for it!
Adam from NC - 4/26/02
Favorite tool brand: Husqvarna
Nice site. Thanks!
Dave Jensen - 4/15/02
Favorite tool brand: neighbors :O)
As my son and I build his first tree house, your site provided us both with fun and good ideas. The rope barriers really got his interest as this is what he is learning in Scouts right now. Thanks so much for your efforts and the fact that you, obviously, love your family very much.
George Whitley - 02/03/02
An excellent website. You have given me some very good ideas & inspired me to buuild a treehouse for my 11 year old son (& me too).
(webmaster note: Having children is a good excuse to enjoy some of the finer childhood pleasures as an adult.)
Rebecca - 01/26/02
We are just getting started on plans for my 8yr old's treehouse. We have an an excellent huge old beech nut tree at the edge of the woods. It has massive branches and a massive trunk. Is there anyone in my area that could come take a look and give us some advice?
Matt - 01/20/02
Favorite tool brand: Any tool that works
Great site - I am 12 and just bought "Tree Houses You Can Actually Build." I plan on building one once the snows melts. When I do I will use your site as a refrence.
Mark - 01/05/02
Hey I saw your website and was amazed at the craftsmanship you put into it. I really appreciate you sharing your skills and evolution of your plans with the public. Thats what the internet is about! Free and Sharing!

I made my own closet personal double shelved closet, computer desk and hutch set in my little room 4 rent. I just kept going to furniture stores to steal ideas and to consummate my own work of art.

I really like the loft bed idea. I am about to embark on my own captains bed/loft bed combo. but it will only be about 1 foot high off the ground so i can fit my boxes and sports equipment under and still not be too high in the air. I liked your loft bed 2. Great photos!

Well thanks for the ideas, and if you could send any plans you have for the Loft bed and the Convertible bed that would really help me out. Im thinking about using 2x4x8 Doug fir wood since its cheap, clean, and strong. What do you think?

Also, I have had to make things due to money problems. I was married with a daughter before i separated and I made some crafty things to keep things going. I admire your work and your stories.

Well take care. Keep building and showing it off. It helps us all keep doing it too.

Mark from Southern California.

Noel Kearney - 11/05/00 11:48:03
My website
Favorite tool brand: Any one that works,smile
Very cool site. I have the situation you have no time. I just need to start it for the kids, they have been bugging me for a while. Thank you for the help. I will be using your page to get it done.
Noel from Virginia.
Ken Sorkin - 10/13/00 16:39:41
Favorite tool brand: Porter-Cable
Fantastic treehouse site! My house is nearing completion and I found it very comforting that I used many of the same materials (quality wood, galv. hardware etc.) as you did. My platform (8'x10') is situated between 2 medium maples and supported by two PT 2x8s. 45 deg. diagonal braces (2x4) at either end stabilize the structure. My railings are similar to yours but I have not installed the rope webbing yet. On the platform I'm completing a 6' x 6 1/2' playhouse in the corner. This will give an "L" shaped w ap-around porch feature. Really enjoyed your site. Will scan and send some pictures if you'd like.

Thanks again,

Gordon Millar - 05/30/00 12:41:26
My Website
Realy enjoyed your site, mine should be out in a few weeks.
John - 05/30/00 00:13:03
Nice tree house. I'm in the process of designing one myself. Your detailed building photos & comments, were very helpful.


Thomas Royce - 04/21/00 22:49:37
My Website
Favorite tool brand: Snap-On
Hi! I've enjoyed your website! I am currently building a tree house for my two daughters. The tree is an old oak, with a trunk that branches into 3 limbs about 4 feet off the ground. The floor, walls and roof are framed, and the floor has been sheeted wit 1/2 inch plywood. I will sheet the walls and roof with 3/8 inch plywood. Each wall will have a hinged plexiglass window, and the roof will have a skylight! The floor plan is an irregular shape, which has been a pain-most of the cuts are not 90 degrees. T e treehouse is about 8 feet off the ground. I am also going to have a bucket and rope for the kids to lift things up to the tree house. My wife is going to make curtains for all the windows. We're all saying that if our house burns down, we'll be able to ive in the tree house! If you send your email address, I'll send you some pics!
Sharyn - 04/01/00 03:31:45
My Website
We've located the trees on our land we want to build a treehouse in and I've been out searching for ideas on how to build it. You had lots on your page.


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