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I really don't have an extensive collection of tools to do my various projects, but I really do believe in getting quality tools as you need them. My current stable of tools includes:

Of all of my tools, the DeWalt cordless drill and saw are the most used. The drill can be a bit heavy, but it has all the power of any corded drill I have used, and the trim saw is extremely handy in close spaces and outdoors or away from the house, where dragging out a power cord can be inconvenient or impossible. I have used them for fine finish and rough framing, demolition and construction. They have come in especially handy during set construction for the various theatre productions I have been involved in. I don't have a table saw, so I have been very creative in using the saw for fine finish work, ripping, etc. The DeWalt reciprocating saw is a great tool for demolition, and for making awkward cuts in tight spaces (like a treehouse). I heartily recommend them for anyone looking for powerful, cordless tools.

I am also a HUGE fan of the Quick-Grip bar clamps by Vise Grip (American Tool). These great clamps can be operated easily by one hand, and come in a wide variety of sizes to accomodate virtually anything. There is now also a convertible Quick-Grip that can be used as a clamp or a spreader. Cool!

Want to find out what DeWalt sells? Great - just go to www.dewalt.com, and you can drool over all the cool tools. American Tool, makers of Vise Grips and Quick-Grip, as well as many other tools, has a great site.
A great source for inexpensive tools of all kinds is Harbor Freight Tools, which is now online! In the mood for some fun online shopping at Sears? Try thesears.com Tool Territory, where you are sure to find way too many cool things to buy.

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